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Book Review: Entering The Restricted Zone by Richard Steven Willoughby

This book is one for the ages. Richard Steven Willoughby, who grew up in Finley, TN, has spent his adult life establishing Tabernacle of Joy, an aggressively Apostolic church in Singapore. In “Entering The Restricted Zone” he outlines the principles that he and his wife Barbara lived by as God built one of the world’s premiere churches through them. This book is for anyone who genuinely desires to be mightily used of God.

Chapter titles include: 1. Worship Makes You Attractive to God and Man 2. Give What I Ask 3. You Take Care of God’s Business and He’ll Take Care of Your Business 4. Spiritual Authority, Unity and Teamwork 5. Need Versus Vision 6. God Cannot Bless Inactivity 7. If You Don’t Let the Devil Steal Your Joy, He Can’t Keep Your Goods 8. Confident In His Love.

Be ready to be changed as you read this book.

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